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Values & Strategy-Based Investing

Maybe it's because of our business backgrounds, but we can't just "put" clients into investments any more than we could sponsor a new business that didn't have a sense of where it was going.  That same principle applies to our work with each of our clients. 

We have developed a values and legacies-based facilitated process to help clients consider both short and long-term perspective on their goals, needs, and values as they apply to their lifestyle, life engagement, family.

We've found in our experience that when we work with people to think through their end-goals, and how they'd like the journey to unfold along the way — the investment choices themselves become much easier.

Whether we're working with

  • a younger family starting out with student loan debts and greater cash demands for family, school, extracurricular needs; or
  • middle-aged career people juggling children trying to leave the nest and needs of aging family members with their own career and financial needs; or
  • Go-Go stage new retirees realizing opportunities for reinventing themselves with the world as their oyster; or 
  • Slower-Go stage retirees realigning priorities toward estate matters; 

Our approach is the same: 

  1. Establish vision and values for whichever life stages you're in and how all that fits in the long-term, and grounding in where you are at today.
  2. Discuss at length options and strategies to investments and what's at risk and how to weigh relative value of the options against their particular circumstances. 
  3. With that background, clients are able to determine their path forward, and make their investment choices in confidence, with greater perspective on what it will take to turn their hard-earned dollars into their vision for their future.

What you can expect when working with us is responsiveness to your questions, the patience to explain things—it really matters to us that you understand where your money is being invested, and a deep commitment to being at your service.